About us

ACCU Bio-Chem Laboratories was established in 1993 by 4 individuals at the core of the establishment, each with at least 25 years of experience in the analytical sciences. Prior to ACCU labs, we were setting up laboratories for prominent manufacturing companies. We have years of experience in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic field and our experiences range from analytical procedures to manufacturing water set-up and validation.

We would like to operate on a friendly basis with our clients and we will happily share our knowledge with all of our colleagues in the industry. Currently we are working with many well-known manufacturers and we are eager to extend our services to all companies in the industry. Our knowledge, experience and hard work will exceed our clients’ expectations, in turn gaining their utmost trust and confidence.

Our Mission is to provide the most reliable test results in a timely and accurate manner.

Our Goal is to be industry leader in analytical testing by adhering to our core values & principles.

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